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Man Acquitted Of Abuse Wins $170K From Ex-Wife

She Accused Him Of Molesting Their Daughter By Anne C. Vitale From the December 13, 2004 Missouri Lawyers Weekly. A father who was acquitted of sex abuse charges made during a custody battle has won nearly $170,000 in his Clay County malicious prosecution case. William Bather of Liberty, Mo., claimed that his ex-wife fabricated allegations that he molested their 7-year-old daughter, which led to a three-count grand jury indictment. Bather was also the victim of "suggestive interviewing" when authorities questioned the girl, according to Mark J. Murphy, whose firm represented Bather at both the criminal and civil trials. "This case, [...]


Kansas City Star, The (MO) November 3, 2004 MIKE SHERRY for The Kansas City Star The North Kansas City School District would receive $1.7 million in disputed property tax funds under a recent decision by a state hearing officer. The decision comes as part of an ongoing dispute between Clay County and Ford Motor Co. over the correct 2002 valuation of the machinery at the company's Claycomo plant. The company will appeal, said Wayne A. Tenenbaum, the Overland Park attorney who represents Ford. In her Thursday ruling, hearing officer Aimee L. Smashey found that Ford had agreed with the county [...]

A Lawyer Is Born

KCCounselor, Volume 14, Issue 6 By: Marci McNeal June, 2005 Didn’t we all grow up watching and learning from our parents? I know I sure did. I spent countless hours watching my dad and grand-father prepare a daily newspaper in my small home town of just over 2,000 people. I knew at a young age what the AP wire was, how to submit a letter to the editor and the smell of printing presses—not to mention how to deliver a paper route. So it is no wonder I ended up in the journalism and public relations field. The legal community [...]

Justice for all: Municipal court judge begins 18th year in Smithville

By: Ashley Rader Smithville Herald – February 16, 2006 Smithville Municipal Court Judge J. Michael Murphy has seen an average of 300 defendants each court night more than 17 years, and he is still passionate about giving the best judgments he can. Murphy, who has been practicing law since 1971, has served on both sides of the criminal fence, including acting as an assistant prosecutor of Clay County and working as a defense attorney. He lives in Kansas City with his wife, Mary Helen. They have four children. But his highest honor has been serving as the judge in Smithville [...]

Clay County Circuit Court Delivered an Equitable Garnishment Verdict Against AMCO Insurance Co.

$909,041 verdict From the August 28, 2006 Missouri Lawyers Weekly Clay County Circuit Court Judge Larry D. Harman delivered an equitable garnishment verdict and the plaintiff's motion for summary judgment against AMCO Insurance Co. in connection to a highway collision north of Kansas City in 2002. Harman's verdict followed a default trial and motions for summary judgment filed by both the plaintiff and defendant. Robert DeMent was driving his car north on Interstate 35 on Jan. 12, 2002, when a trailer loaded with siding and installation equipment broke loose from a vehicle traveling south on the same highway driven by [...]

Fired trucker wins award from probation officer – Defendant told employer about plaintiff’s drug use

Published: December 1, 2008 By: MO Lawyers Media Staff A Clay County jury awarded $76,045 to a trucker who was fired from his job after his probation officer reported alleged drug use to his employer. "We knew it would be a difficult case given the public safety issues involved with admitted drug use from a commercial truck driver," said Mark J. Murphy, plaintiff.s attorney with The Murphy Law Firm in Liberty. "However, as the trial went on we were able to demonstrate that the defendant really went over the line. She set out to have this man terminated regardless of [...]