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Elder Care, Guardianship, and Conservatorship

When our loved ones get older, sometimes they have difficulty managing their finances or making appropriate health care decisions. Mark Murphy and Mishell Sander and have specialized experience in handling elder care and disability issues which often involve the appointment of a guardian and conservator.  Mark Murphy spent 3 years as the attorney for the Clay County Public Administrator where he handled all of their guardianship and conservatorship matters.  Mishell Sander served as the head probate clerk for Ray County, Missouri where she worked for 15 years. She gained in-depth experience in regards guardianship and conservatorship proceedings. Mark and Mishell serve both families in need of guidance and local hospitals and nursing homes regarding a wide range of issues related to the disabled and aging.

We can help individuals and families evaluate their options and make appropriate decisions. We can also help you protect your loved ones from people who might take advantage of them by having a guardian or conservator appointed.

If someone you know is having difficulty making appropriate decisions, it may be that a guardian or conservator needs to be appointed for them.

A guardian is an agent appointed by the probate court to manage the medical and day-to-day personal affairs of an incapacitated person.

A conservator is an agent appointed by the probate court to manage the financial affairs of an incapacitated person.

Incapacity can be a very difficult issue for individuals and families to discuss. We have worked with many individuals and families to evaluate their guardianship and conservatorship options and facilitate communications on this highly sensitive subject.

By law, guardians and conservators must act in the best interest of the protected person. We can help you comply with the laws of acting in someone’s best interests. Our litigators can defend you if your actions are challenged or contested.

  • We can work with the nursing facility to obtain the an evaluation of your loved one to determine if a guardian and conservator is necessary
  • We can explain the process of appointing a guardian and conservator
  • We can prepare the necessary application for a guardian and conservator
  • We can conduct the hearing required by law
  • We can assist you in your duties as guardian and conservator

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